sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Lies the Hollywood Movies preach

    The Hollywood movies we watch are convincing, are not they? But does everything they compose true? We bring here 5 lies the Hollywood Movies preach we believe it is true.

1- Although the fame Vikings won in adventure movies, most of things about those people that are not more than an invention. One example is the use of helmets with horns, which Viking did not use. The only thing that looks like this theory found is a crown, not the traditional we watch in movies.

2- As everyone know, medieval towns were made of easy material to be burned, such as wood and straw. Although, the habit of putting fire on the arrows is just and cinematic trick to let the conflicts interesting.

3- The American West is famous about the supposed shootings, but, in the truth, the shootings were not common. However, it were not just a Hollywood mistake: a great number of writers made this, too.

4- Napoleon were not a short man as the movies show. His supposed stature were 1,52m, which were a medium height in the 20th century.

5- According to some movies, even in disadvantage, 300 Spartans fought versus Persian army. In the truth, there were 300.000 Spartans.

Are not these facts incredible?

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