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QUIZ - Your personality in Hollywood's protagonists

Witch protagonist would you be? Nina, of Black Swan, Jamie, of No Strings Attached or John, of Dear John? Discover in the quiz!!!

1- If you were going to define yourself in one word, which would it be?
a) Perfectionist
b) Persuasiveness
c) Brave

2- If a great opportunity presents in your life, and you need to give up some things to make the opportunity an reality, what would you do?
a) Embrace the idea and make my best.
b) Try, try, try till make.
c) Do my things, but with a foot behind.

3- When you have some work to do, you...?
a) I dedicate myself all day for it.
b) I make it at me "free time".
c) I do, but all the time, wanting to do other.

4- You are in love. The person you are in love is:
a) My boss.
b) My best friend.
c) An university student.


A - Nina - Black Swan
      You are a person who gives all of yourself when you needs to. Perfectionist and fighter, you got everything you want.

B - Jamie - No Strings Attachedtry
      You are a person who try, try, even there are no way to get the thing done. Persuasiveness, you can make people do things for you! Smart...

C - John - Dear John
      You are a person who is heedful, having afraid of what people would think about your acts. Do not have afraid! You are better than you think so.

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